Daniel Zamir & Kula Baraka [Special Guest: Mark Eliyahu]


Making music together with "Kula Baraka" feels like the most natural collaboration possible. Like something bigger than all of us. From the first note we played together it felt like coming home and being with family.

"Kula Baraka" was started by my student from "Mizmor", a music college that I started and directed for almost 10 years. Meital is her name, and she is probably the one student that I'm most proud of. So musical, so fresh, so deep. It feels like she was able to take "Jewish jazz" to new places, new dimensions, ones that are new and refreshing even for me.

The band is musically directed by Rony Iwryn, a unique and huge percussionist and an extraordinary musician. Rony is also a giant teacher, one who makes his students huge. That's what he did with "Kula Baraka" to make them the gift of light that they are.

On September 12th will be our debut concert together and we're already very excited. The beautiful courtyard of "Beit Avichai" is the best venue to host such a festive and unique event..!

Here's a small taste...

(Special Guest: Mark Eliyahu)

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